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Diseases In Fruits Due To Deficiency Of Substances

1.Dieback in Lemon:- Copper (Cu)

2.Little Leaf in Lemon:- Copper (Cu)

3.Yellow Spot Disorder in Lemon :- Molybdenum (Mb)

4.Internal Necrocin in Annola:- Boron (Bo)

5.Little Leaf in Mango & Brinjal:- Zinc (Zn)

6.Millerandge Disorder in Grapes:- Boron (Bo)

7.Water Core in Banana :- Due to Particles of Ice & Deposition of Sorbitol

8.Bronzing in Guava:- Zinc (Zn)

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9.Scorching (Burning of Leaves) in Mango:- Potassium (K) & Excess of Chloride in Water

10.Internal Necrocin in Mangoes:- Boron (Bo)

11.Scorching in Litchi:- Potassium (K)

12.Black Tip in Mango:- SO2Gas from Kiln

13.Bunchy Disease in Peanut :- Zinc (Zn)

14.“Hen & Chicken” in Grapes:- Boron (Bo)


◆ West Bengal is the largest producer of Pineapple in India.

◆ Nagpur[Maharashtra] is the largest producer of oranges in India.

◆ Largest producer of Sapota is Maharashtra followed by Karnataka.

◆ Mango is planted at 10x10m distance while Banana at 3x3m. Both are commercially broadcasted by the following methods respectively:- Beniar Grafting, Enarching, Circus.

◆ Minimum requirement of fruits for human are 92gm.

◆ The largest exporter nations of Banana in the world are:- Equador & Costa Rica respectively.

◆ India is the largest Producer, Consumer, & Exporter of Cashew Nuts in the world. Maharashtra is the largest producer of Cashew Nuts in India followed by Kerala.

◆ In fruits, maximum Vitamin C is present in Barbados Cherry.

◆ In India, Annola (Awla) is produced maximum in Uttar Pradesh (Pratapgarh). Honeybees help in pollination of Annola.

◆ In fruits, Litchi, Oranges, Lokat, Peach, & Apricot has their origin place in China; Bel,, Jackfruit & Falsa in India; Papaya, Avocado & Sapota in Mexico; Guava in Peru; Banana in South-Western Asia; Annola in Indo-China And Mango in Indo-Burma.

◆ Bel is the main source of Vitamin B2(Riboflavin).

◆ Karonda is the main source of Iron.

Fruits with Highest Area Cover in India :-

◆ Mango [37.8%]

◆ Citrus [12.9%]

◆ Banana [12.5%]

◆ Apple

◆ Guava

Fruits with highest production in India:-

◆ Banana [35.9%]

◆ Mango [22.8%]

◆ Citrus [10%]

◆ Guava [4.12%]

◆ Papaya [3.59%]

Availability Of Nutrients In Fruits :-


1.Vitamin A :- Mango> Papaya> Parsimon

2.Vitamin B1(Thymin) :- Cashew Nut> Walnut> Almond> Pineapple

3.Vitamin B2(Riboflavin) :- Bel> Papaya> Cashew Nut> Litchi

4.Vitamin C :- Barbados Cherry> Anwla> Guava> Lemon> Sweet Orange

CARBOHYDRATES:- Resin> Pineapple> Dates> Banana> Bel> Jamun

PROTIENS:- Cashew Nut(21.2%)> Almond(20.8%)> Walnut(15.6%)

FAT :- Walnut(64.5%)> Almond(58.9%)> Cashew Nut(46.9%)> Avocado(22.8%)


1.Citric Acid:- Berry> Citric Fruits> Guava> Pear
2.Malic Acid:- Apple> Banana> Cherry> Plum> Watermelon
3.Tartaric Acid:- Tamarind(Imli)> Grapes
1.Calcium:- Litchi> Karonda> Walnut
2.Iron:- Karonda> Dates> Walnut> Apple
3.Phosphorus:- Almonds> Cashew Nut> Walnut> Litchi

Classification Of Fruits According To Atmosphere:-

Tropical Fruits:- Mango, Banana, Papaya, Pineapple, Custard, Jackfruit, Cashew Nut, Sapota, Nuts etc.

Sub-Tropical Fruits:- Grapes, Fig(Anzir), Oranges, Lemon, Guava, Avocado, Litchi, Ber, Dates, Phalsa, Pomegranate, Amla, Lokat.

Temperate Fruits:- Apple, Pear, Almonds, Cherry, Strawberry, Walnut, Chestnut, Hazelnut, Peeknut, Chilgoza, Khubani, Aadu, Aaloo-Bukhara

Evergreen Fruits:- Mango, Litchi, Lemon, Sapota, Lokat

Autumn Fruits:- Apple, Pear, Aadu, Aalucha, Khubani



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