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Tractors: Used for plowing, tilling, planting, and other field operations. Modern tractors may have various attachments and implements.

Plows: Implements attached to tractors for breaking and turning soil.

Harrows: Used for smoothing and leveling the soil after plowing.

Seeders and Planters: Equipment for planting seeds efficiently and uniformly.

Sprayers: Used for applying fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides to crops.

Combine Harvesters: Machines that combine harvesting, threshing, and winnowing, particularly for grain crops.

Balers: Equipment for compressing and bundling crops such as hay, straw, or cotton into compact bales.

Mowers: Machines used for cutting grass, forage, or other crops.

Cultivators: Implements for weed control and soil aeration.

Irrigation Equipment: Includes pumps, pipes, and sprinklers or drip systems for controlled watering of crops.

Trucks and Trailers: Used for transporting harvested crops, equipment, and supplies.

Livestock Handling Equipment: Includes chutes, corrals, and squeeze gates for managing livestock.

Grappling Hooks and Forks: Used for handling and moving bales, hay, and other materials.

Greenhouse Equipment: Includes structures, ventilation systems, and climate control tools for controlled environment agriculture.

Drones and UAVs: Used for aerial monitoring of crops, pest control, and mapping.

GPS Technology: Integrated into various equipment for precision farming and mapping.

Soil Testing Equipment: Instruments for analyzing soil properties and nutrient levels.

Weather Stations: Used for monitoring and recording weather conditions on the farm.

Livestock Monitoring Systems: Sensors and devices for tracking the health and behavior of animals.

Grain Dryers: Equipment for drying harvested grains to reduce moisture content.

Milking Machines: Used in dairy farming for mechanical milking of cows.

Fertilizer Spreaders: Equipment for evenly distributing fertilizers on fields.

Electric Fencing: Used for controlling livestock movement.

Threshers: Machines for separating grains from the harvested crop.

Weeders: Equipment designed to remove weeds from fields.



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