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In India, there are several types of mustard (Brassica juncea) grown, and these can be broadly categorized based on their use and characteristics. Here are some common types of mustard in India.

Brown Mustard: Brown mustard seeds are the most commonly grown type in India. They are used to produce brown mustard oil, which is widely used in Indian cooking.

Yellow Mustard: Yellow mustard seeds are mainly used to produce American-style yellow mustard condiments. They are not as common in India as brown mustard.

Sarson (Sarson Ka Saag): Sarson is a variety of mustard, often grown in the northern parts of India. It is popular for making a traditional Punjabi dish called “Sarson ka Saag.”

Rai: Rai, also known as “Indian mustard,” is another variety of mustard often used for its leaves in various Indian cuisines. The leaves are used in dishes like “Sarson da Saag” and “Aloo Saag.”

Toria (T. raphanistrum): Toria is a type of oilseed mustard used for its oil content. It is cultivated in various parts of India.

Raya: Raya is another variety of mustard used for its oil content. It is mainly grown in parts of North India.

Krishna Sarson: Krishna Sarson, also known as black mustard, is a type of mustard with black seeds used for its oil.

White Mustard: White mustard is less common in India but is occasionally grown. It is used to produce white mustard seeds, which are milder in flavor.

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