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Future Farms: Providing comprehensive soilless agricultural solutions, Future Farms is one of India’s top hydroponics companies. They offer corporations and individuals turnkey hydroponic systems, training, and consulting services.

Letcetra Agritech: With an emphasis on sustainable agricultural methods, Letcetra Agritech specializes in hydroponics and vertical farming. For those who want to become hydroponic farmers, they provide training programs, farm management software, and modular hydroponic systems.

Naked Garden: Naked Garden is a hydroponics startup that supports sustainable food production and urban gardening. To assist people in setting up their own hydroponic gardens at home or in urban areas, they provide hydroponic kits, workshops, and consulting services.

Krishi Cress: Krishi Cress is committed to advancing hydroponic gardening and offering customers fresh produce free of pesticides. In addition to providing hydroponic farming solutions for commercial farmers, they also conduct awareness campaigns and educational workshops.

Infarm: Based in India, Infarm is a global network of indoor farming facilities. They grow fresh herbs and leafy greens in urban settings using cutting-edge hydroponic systems, providing restaurants, grocery shops, and customers directly.

Eden Hydroponics: For urban and commercial farmers, Eden Hydroponics provides comprehensive hydroponic growing solutions. To optimize crop yields and quality, they offer specialized hydroponic systems, nutrient solutions, and technical assistance.

Hydroponic Xpress: Hydroponic Xpress specializes in supplies, equipment, and advisory services for hydroponic gardening. To meet the demands of both enthusiasts and commercial growers, they provide a large selection of hydroponic systems, nutrients, and accessories.

Living Greens Organics: Hydroponically growing leafy greens and herbs is the main emphasis of this urban farming enterprise. They run vertical farms in cities, providing nearby markets and customers with wholesome, fresh vegetables.

FreshVeggie India: The mission of FreshVeggie India is to supply consumers with fresh veggies that are free of pesticides and to promote hydroponic gardening. They assist people in growing their own produce at home by providing hydroponic farming kits, training courses, and continuous support.

Leafy Affair: Leafy Affair specializes in growing herbs, microgreens, and leafy greens hydroponically. In addition to teaching materials and conferences, they provide hydroponic systems, nutrient solutions, and seeds for home gardeners and urban farms.



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