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Here’s a general overview of the onion market in India over the past five years up to 2024

2017-2018: In 2017, India witnessed a significant fluctuation in onion prices due to adverse weather conditions affecting onion crops. Prices soared, leading to concerns over affordability and supply. The government took measures such as imposing export restrictions and importing onions to stabilize prices.

2018-2019: The onion market remained relatively stable during this period, with prices generally under control. However, sporadic fluctuations occurred due to factors such as weather conditions and supply-demand dynamics.

2019-2020: In late 2019 and early 2020, India experienced a severe onion crisis characterized by a sharp rise in onion prices. This was primarily due to excessive rainfall during the monsoon season, which damaged onion crops and reduced yields. The shortage led to a surge in prices, prompting the government to take measures such as imposing export bans and facilitating imports to stabilize prices.

2020-2021: The onion market continued to face challenges in 2020, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Lockdown measures disrupted supply chains and logistics, impacting the distribution of onions and contributing to price volatility. Additionally, weather-related factors continued to affect production and prices during this period.

2021-2022: By 2021, onion prices had stabilized to some extent, although fluctuations still occurred. The government continued to monitor the situation closely and implemented measures to ensure an adequate supply of onions in the market.

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