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Top 10 Agriculture Books for JRF Preparation

Agriculture Books :- “Fundamentals of Soil Science” by Henry D. Foth and Lloyd M. Turk

A comprehensive book covering the basics of soil science, which is crucial for understanding agriculture and crop production.

Agriculture Books :- “Agronomy: Theory and Practice” by Reddy K. R. and G. H. Sankara Reddy

This book provides in-depth knowledge of agronomy, including crop production practices and techniques.

Agriculture Books :- “Principles of Horticulture” by C. R. Adams, M. P. Early, and M. J. F. Fay

A valuable resource for those interested in horticulture and the cultivation of fruits, vegetables, and ornamental plants.

Agriculture Books :- “Textbook of Agricultural Biotechnology” by V. D. Bahadur

This book covers the principles and applications of biotechnology in agriculture, a crucial aspect of modern agricultural research.

Agriculture Books :- “Introduction to Agriculture” by Akhtar Abbas

A comprehensive introductory book that covers various aspects of agriculture, including crop production, soil science, and agricultural economics.

Agriculture Books :- “Agricultural Meteorology” by C. S. Reddy and G. V. R. Srinivas

Meteorology plays a significant role in agriculture, and this book explains its importance and applications in the field.

Agriculture Books :- “Agricultural Economics” by R. S. Khangura

This book provides an understanding of the economic aspects of agriculture, including farm management, agricultural marketing, and policy.

Agriculture Books :- “Principles of Plant Breeding” by R. B. Singh

Plant breeding is essential for developing new crop varieties, and this book covers the principles and techniques involved.

Agriculture Books :- “Agricultural Microbiology” by K. R. Aneja

Microbiology is important for understanding soil microorganisms and their role in agriculture. This book explores the subject in detail.

Agriculture Books :- “Handbook of Agriculture” by ICAR

Published by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), this handbook is a comprehensive resource covering various aspects of agriculture.




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