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Sugar Baby: Known for its small size and deep red, sweet flesh, Sugar Baby is a classic choice for its rich flavor and crisp texture.

Crimson Sweet: This variety produces large, round melons with vibrant red flesh and a high sugar content. It’s prized for its sweet taste and refreshing juiciness.

Charleston Gray: Renowned for its oblong shape and light green rind, Charleston Gray boasts sweet, firm flesh that’s perfect for slicing.

Black Diamond: With its dark green rind and deep red flesh, Black Diamond offers a sweet, succulent flavor that’s ideal for summer snacking.

Yellow Doll: Unlike traditional watermelons, Yellow Doll features a bright yellow rind and sweet, crisp flesh with a hint of honey flavor.

Moon and Stars: Named for its distinctive pattern of yellow spots resembling stars against a dark green background, Moon and Stars watermelon offers a sweet, juicy taste that’s beloved by many.

Orangeglo: This unique variety features orange flesh with a sweet, tropical flavor reminiscent of oranges and mangoes. It’s a refreshing alternative to traditional red-fleshed watermelons.

Sweet Favorite: As the name suggests, Sweet Favorite lives up to its reputation with exceptionally sweet, juicy flesh that’s perfect for summertime enjoyment.

Golden Midget: Another yellow-fleshed variety, Golden Midget is prized for its compact size, early maturity, and sweet, crisp flesh.

Jubilee: With its large size and classic watermelon flavor, Jubilee is a popular choice for picnics and gatherings. Its sweet, juicy flesh is sure to please even the most discerning watermelon enthusiasts.



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