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For gardening enthusiasts in India, here are ten excellent gardening books authored by Indian writers:

“The Rooftop Gardener” by Anamika Pathak: This book offers practical advice and tips specifically tailored for rooftop gardening in Indian urban settings, covering topics such as container gardening, soil management, and plant selection.

“Organic Terrace Gardening: Expert Guide to Sustainable Gardening in Urban Spaces” by Nandan Desai: Focused on organic gardening techniques suitable for small urban spaces like balconies and terraces, this book provides guidance on composting, pest management, and crop selection.

“Down to Earth: Gardening Wisdom” by Monty Don and Sarah Don: Monty Don, a renowned British gardener, shares his gardening wisdom in collaboration with Indian writer Sarah Don, offering insights into creating beautiful and sustainable gardens in India.

“The City Gardener’s Handbook: The Definitive Guide to Small-Space Gardening in India” by Gurubux Singh: Ideal for urban gardeners, this book covers various aspects of small-space gardening, including vertical gardening, balcony gardening, and maximizing limited space for greenery.

“The Gardener’s Bible” by Joy Larkcom: Joy Larkcom, a prominent British gardening writer, provides valuable advice on growing vegetables, herbs, and fruits suited to Indian climates and conditions, along with practical tips for soil improvement and pest control.

“My Garden, My Life” by Ram Karan Sharma: This autobiographical account by renowned botanist Ram Karan Sharma offers insights into his lifelong passion for gardening and his experiences cultivating diverse plants in India.

“Indian Kitchen Garden” by Nita Mehta: Focused on growing herbs, spices, and vegetables commonly used in Indian cooking, this book provides guidance on creating a kitchen garden tailored to Indian culinary preferences.

“The Green Guide: How to Have a Greener Thumb” by Harini Nagendra: Written by an Indian ecologist, this book explores sustainable gardening practices and their importance for urban ecosystems, offering practical tips for environmentally friendly gardening in India.

“Terrace Gardening for Beginners” by Rupesh Chauhan: Geared towards novice gardeners, this book covers the basics of terrace gardening, including plant selection, container gardening techniques, and essential care practices, with a focus on Indian climates.

“Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms” by Raj Paul Singh Chauhan: While not strictly a gardening book, this comprehensive guide by an Indian mycologist provides valuable information on cultivating various edible and medicinal mushroom species, making it a valuable resource for gardeners interested in fungi cultivation.



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