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Top 10 Indoor Farming Companies

AeroFarms: AeroFarms is a vertical farming company based in the United States. They use aeroponics and LED lighting to grow a variety of leafy greens and herbs in vertically stacked layers. The company focuses on sustainability and resource efficiency.

Bowery Farming: Bowery Farming is an indoor farming company that leverages advanced technology and data analytics to optimize the growing process. Based in the United States, they grow a variety of leafy greens in vertical farms.

Plenty: Plenty is a vertical farming company known for its use of vertical towers and efficient LED lighting systems. Based in the United States, Plenty aims to provide fresh, locally grown produce to urban areas.

Square Roots: Square Roots, based in the United States, focuses on container farming. They convert shipping containers into controlled-environment farms, allowing for year-round production of herbs and greens.

InFarm: InFarm, headquartered in Germany, has developed a modular indoor farming system that can be integrated into various retail locations. Their “in-store farming” concept allows customers to see where their produce is grown.

Farm.One: Farm.One operates vertical farms in New York City, growing a wide variety of rare herbs, microgreens, and edible flowers. They serve local restaurants and consumers with their fresh and unique produce.

Gotham Greens: Gotham Greens is a U.S.-based company that operates greenhouse farms on urban rooftops. They specialize in growing premium-quality, pesticide-free produce, including leafy greens and herbs.

Indoor Farms of America: Indoor Farms of America provides turnkey solutions for indoor farming, including vertical aeroponic systems. They aim to make controlled-environment agriculture accessible to a wide range of businesses.

Urban Crop Solutions: Based in Belgium, Urban Crop Solutions provides advanced technologies for vertical farming and plant research. They offer modular and scalable solutions for indoor farming.

Mirai: Mirai is a Japanese company that focuses on vertical farming and plant factories. They use advanced technology to optimize the growth conditions for various crops, including leafy greens and herbs.



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