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Top 10 Pea Variety In India Use

Peas are a popular vegetable in India, and there are several varieties available for cultivation. The choice of pea variety depends on factors like climate, soil type, and local preferences. Here are ten pea varieties that are commonly grown in India.

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Arkel pea

Arkel peas are known for their sweetness and tenderness. They are suitable for both fresh consumption and processing.

Bonanza pea

Bonanza peas are early-maturing and high-yielding. They produce sweet and succulent peas that are ideal for fresh consumption.

Jingle pea

Jingle peas are a dwarf variety that produces sweet and crisp peas. They are well-suited for home gardens and small-scale cultivation.

Pusa Pragati pea Pusa Pragati is a popular variety developed by the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI). It is known for its high yield and disease resistance.

Little Marvel pea

Little Marvel peas are a compact variety that produces small, sweet peas. They are well-suited for limited space and home gardens.

Lincoln: Lincoln peas are known for their large, tender, and sweet peas. They are excellent for fresh consumption and canning.

Pusa Pratibha pea

Another variety from IARI, Pusa Pratibha is a semi-dwarf variety with excellent yield potential and disease resistance.

Super Sugar Snap pea

Super Sugar Snap peas are known for their sweet and edible pods. They are often eaten whole and can be used in salads or stir-fries.

Mirage pea

Mirage peas are disease-resistant and produce high yields of sweet and tender peas. They are suitable for both fresh and processing markets.

Azad P-3 pea

Azad P-3 peas are a semi-leafless variety with good yield potential. They produce sweet and crisp peas.



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