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Usually don’t cross with other varieties (exception: potato leaftypes such as Brandywine.)

Seeds need to be fermented for 2-3 days to remove gel coating


Sweet peppers will cross with hot peppers growing nearby

Scrape seeds out of ripe pepper and lay out to dry.


Cucumbers can cross with other varieties growing within 1/2 mile

Let fruit get overripe and hard on the plant, like a gourd, for seeds.

Summer Squash/Zucchini

Summer squash and zucchini can cross with some winter squash

and with pumpkins growing up to 1/2 mile awayLet fruits get large and hard on the plant, like a winter squasha.

Winter Squash/Pumpkins

Winter squash can cross with pumpkins and summer squashgrowing up to 1/2 mile away.


Save seeds from at least 100 corn plants to avoid inbreeding

Corn can cross with other varieties growing up to 2 miles away

Save seeds from open-pollinated (OP) varieties, not hybrids (F1)


Let some plants bolt to make seeds

Harvest seed by bending lettuce flowers over a paper bag andrubbing the flowers with your hand.

Green Beans

Green beans usually don’t cross with other varieties

For seeds, leave some pods on the vine until they start to dry out.



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