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Future Farms: Future Farms is known for its advanced agri-tech solutions, including hi-tech nurseries and precision farming.

Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd.: Jain Irrigation is a well-known company in the agricultural sector, providing technology-driven solutions, including nursery management.

Agro Biotech International Exports Pvt Ltd: This company is involved in tissue culture and exports of high-quality planting material.

HortiTech India: HortiTech is involved in the production of tissue-cultured plants and high-tech agriculture solutions.

Maple Biotech Pvt. Ltd.: Maple Biotech focuses on tissue culture and produces disease-free, high-quality planting material.

Krishidhan Seeds: Krishidhan Seeds is engaged in research, production, and marketing of seeds, including high-yielding varieties.

Florance Flora: Florance Flora is a leading exporter and producer of high-quality tissue-cultured plants.

Namdhari Seeds Pvt. Ltd.: Namdhari Seeds is involved in research, production, and marketing of seeds, including vegetable seeds.

Sahyadri Farms: Sahyadri Farms is known for its cooperative model and adoption of technology in horticulture.

Auraphyll Innoventures: Auraphyll specializes in tissue culture and the production of disease-free planting material.

Biotech Consortium India Limited (BCIL): BCIL is involved in the promotion of biotechnology applications in agriculture, including tissue culture.

Bioseed Research India Pvt Ltd.: Bioseed Research focuses on research and development in the field of seeds and agriculture.

Agriplast Tech India Pvt. Ltd.: Agriplast offers innovative solutions for protected cultivation, including shade nets and greenhouse technology.

Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI): IARI is a premier institute in agricultural research, including advanced techniques in plant breeding.

Ankur Seeds Pvt. Ltd.: Ankur Seeds is involved in the research, production, and marketing of seeds, with a focus on hybrid varieties.

Florance Flora: Florance Flora is known for its tissue culture technology and production of ornamental plants.



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