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Centre for Aquatic livelihood Jaljeevika is a registered not-for-profit organisation under section (8) company act.

India is the second-largest fish producing nation in the world. Fisheries is a sunrise sector with varied natural resources and potential. In India, this sector engages over 14.50 million people as primary producers and millions more along the value chain. Transformation of the fisheries sector from traditional to commercial scale has led to an increase in fish production from 0.75 Million Metric tonnes in 1950-51 to 12.61 Million Metric tonnes during 2017-18 with a contribution of 8.92 MMT from the inland sector and 3.69 MMT from the marine sector.


NextAqua, an Indian AgriTech Startup established in 2018 with Aquaculture in focus. We empower farmers with end to end solutions powered by IOT enabled custom built Farm equipments. Our diversified founders team bring in wealth of experience from Electronics, Software as well as Mechanical, that enabled us to architect and build technologies and manufacturing processes from ground up. All our products are designed and manufactured at our inhouse development center and agile manufacturing unit located in Hyderabad.


Pescafresh operates in the seafood industry, focusing on the sourcing, processing, and distribution of fresh and frozen seafood products. The company offers a variety of seafood products, including fish, prawns, crabs, and other seafood items. The product range may vary based on seasonal availability and market demand.

Sea6 Energy

Sea6 Energy was built on the vision of sustainably and ethically harnessing the oceans to build a future for mankind independent of traditional energy sources.

Conceptualised by a team of PhDs in engineering, agriculture and biotechnology, Sea6 Energy was formed to develop renewable energy solutions to utilize the potential of the ocean to develop eco-friendly land alternatives.


Eruvaka Technologies develops on-farm diagnostic equipment for aquaculture farmers to reduce their risk and increase productivity. We integrate sensors, mobile connectivity and decision tools for affordable aquaculture monitoring and automation.

To be the trusted partner for making global aquaculture smart, scalable and sustainable. To transform aquaculture practices and improve farm efficiency using innovative, robust and customer-centric products & services.



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