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Top Financial Services Provider Companies For Farmers
  1. Jai Kisan
  2. ayekart
  3. Samunnati
  4. KiVi

Jai Kisan

Jai Kisan was founded by Arjun Ahluwalia and Adriel Maniego with the aim of creating the first full-stack and seamless banking experience for rural individuals. A massive credit gap in the rural market, being meagrely served by informal moneylenders at exorbitant rates, inspired the need for change in how day-to-day banking was done by over 600 million people in India. Jai Kisan, as an organisation, holds customer empathy at the heart of our operations stemming from a first-hand understanding of rural value chains.


We have created an ecosystem of digital capabilities which address the business requirements of each of our stakeholders, while allowing us to operate our business in an integrated fashion.

At the core is the AyeKart hub … a workflow management system which allows our finance and operations teams to run our business smoothly. This works in tandem with task specific applications used by the other participants.

These include
• Ayekart Mitra : a sales force enablement mobility app.

• Ayekart Business : used to log purchase orders, and offers suppliers visibility into market demand.

• Ayekart Insights : a business decision support system, this allows Management and investors to track business and financial metrics.

 Lender portal : allows our partner financers to track and manage their portfolios digitally, from collection of documentation, to reviewing performance (payments, receipts, ageing) in real time.


Samunnati helps Farmer Producer Organisations across the country meet the supply of markets. With aggregation, market linkages and advisory services, Samunnati provides opportunities for Farmer Producer Organisations to grow. Through this and customised agri finance solutions, Samunnati empowers Indian farmers while driving growth.


KiVi is an Agritech start-up that aims to make farming a livelihood of choice for millions of Indians.

The key value propositions of KiVi are a unique digital platform and KiViStar (Local Franchisee) network. The KiViStar network will connect with the last mile farmer to access the services offered on KiVi. KiVi leverages the large-scale adoption of smartphones, better data connectivity, improving rural digital adoption and the India Stack to deliver products and services directly to farmers in the agriculture and finance domain, through contact-less, paperless, and cashless delivery mode.



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